TENDER TUESDAYS-Prairie Girl Series #36

TENDER TUESDAYS-Prairie Girl Series #36

TwoCan XL RenamedIRP

                    (Inheritance Reduction Plan)


Due to Covid restrictions and travel bans, husband was more anxious, much earlier than usual, to have the TwoCan XL serviced in preparation for an early spring sailing adventure.  We’re talking January, dear readers. You know, the time of year on Vancouver Island from which one normally escapes to sunny international destinations. The kind of weather that is hovering around 0-6 degrees Celsius, wet, and smattered with serious gale force windstorms.  Prairie Girl put her foot down and pressed for the end of March, early April to deliver the boat to Sidney for this IMPORTANT service. The compromise made, you’re wondering?  The next appointment booked in Sidney from Nanoose Bay (a reasonable 2 day sail) was made for the end of Feb.  Husband was fearful the company doing the service would be too busy to address his itemized list of projects to be done, if he put it off for later.  Obviously, you realize that this was NOT much of a compromise and the season was still WINTER!


Naturally Prairie Girl dismissed the idea of accompanying him and thankfully he persuaded some of his sailing enthusiasts to make the trek with him for different legs of the trip. As it turned out, time went on and on and on, and it wasn’t but a few days short of a month before he was able to sail the TwoCan XL to Sidney.


Of course, the morning for retrieving the TwoCan XL eventually arrived. Some of the issues incurred were waiting periods to procure the parts needed.  Strange, since husband was able to order online the same part, that they were not able to procure, and received it in under 2 days! Hmmm… However, it came and went, as the company that serviced it over the month, took it out for a sea trial. Oddly, after all this time and hours billed, the TwoCan XL still had the same motor noise that husband had requested they fix. Well, wouldn’t you know it? It needed a NEW TRANSMISSION now… Of course, you’re nodding and seeing BIG BUCKS!! (These are the times when one asks themselves whether this sailing hobby is actually worth it.)


However, finally the day came that husband and his sailing buddy could bring the TwoCan XL home.  It wasn’t sailing weather which worked for husband, as he wanted to see how the motor performed after all the adjustments and a new transmission. To his pleasure, the motor behaved well on the trip back to Nanoose. Husband did notice, however, that after all the time the boat had been on dry dock, they hadn’t replaced a shaft seal that he had requested on his itemized list. Now this would mean yet another trip to Sidney and a pull out to have it done!

Are you starting to get the gist of the new name for the TwoCan XL? (She thought you might!) Stay tuned, there is more to this tale!


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