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Creating Blogs People Want to Follow

Creating Blogs People Want to Follow

I don’t know about you, but I follow some blogs that keep me both entertained and informed, so that I want to continue to follow them on a daily basis. It makes me want to analyze why I will spend the time following them and how to translate this to my personal blog. Some of the characteristics that they have in common, include:

  1. something valuable will be learned or gleaned from the post
  2. concise (short paragraphs) and well-written material with a personal, and often humorous voice
  3. entertaining and fun to read
  4. visual-pictures and videos (often crazy funny ones or those aesthetically appealing) are embedded in the post or images created in one’s mind. Video is also engaging on posts.
  5. regular
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Free eBooks of Frenchie Series- Bks. 1 & 2

Free eBooks of Frenchie Series- Bks. 1 & 2

Accept the gift of the first two eBooks of the Frenchie Series.  The books are available at

https://www.smashwords.comuntil Feb. 14, 2014 for free.

FRENCHIE’S BEST FRIEND- FOLLOW THE BLOG: Enter the Coupon Code DC85B before completing checkout.

FRENCHIE X2- FOLLOW THE BLOG:Enter the Coupon Code GZ32U before completing checkout.

Frenchie X2 Cover

Who enjoys reading the FRENCHIE SERIES?

·                           tweens (ages 9-12)

·                           librarians

·                          teachers

·                         parents

·                        grandparents

·                        pet lovers

     If you like a family-read that entertains and makes you laugh aloud, then the FRENCHIE SERIES are the   books for you!

Once you have enjoyed Books 1&2, Mary Laudien is hopeful that you will be keen to read her newest release: FRENCHIE DIVA- FOLLOW THE BLOGRead the rest

Win a French bulldog iPad Cover

Win a French bulldog iPad Cover

Who Can Enter?

Anyone who has read the Amazon Kindle version of Mary Laudien’s latest release: FRENCHIE DIVA-FOLLOW THE BLOG and lives in North America.

Where is FRENCHIE DIVA- FOLLOW the BLOG (kindle version) available?

Why choose to read Frenchie Diva- Follow the Blog?

      IT’S a TWEEN NOVEL (and a fun family read…)



Will Sissy become the next canine celebrity sensation?  Ethan and Grandma Sis are counting on it! In fact, Sis (the 72 year old CHER look-alike) is convinced she’ll be discovered. (After all, her horoscope confirms that this is her year to soar creatively!)

 Nothing in Ethan’s tumultuous teenage world ever unfolds accordingly. His FBF blog followers continue to Read the rest

Cyber Shopping Blog Contest

Cyber Shopping Blog Contest

Did anyone notice during the holiday season this year, just how inundated one’s Inbox was with the push for online sales?  Every day one had to slog their way through excess emails to find one’s personal gems that were only to be found after deleting the ads.  If it wasn’t Black Friday, it was Cyber Monday. If it wasn’t the countdown to Christmas, it was pre-Boxing Day Sales and of course, followed up with post Boxing Day Sales.  With three devices, the amount of time deleting unwanted ads became time consuming, to say nothing of the distraction …

The question is:  Did we all simply delete them and continue to shop conventionally in stores? Evidently, not … Read the rest