TENDER TUESDAYS-Prairie Girl Series #39

TENDER TUESDAYS-Prairie Girl Series #39

TwoCan XL Renamed…IRP

(Inheritance Reduction Plan)

Episode Four


Totally pumped and provisioned for a Desolation Sound adventure, Prairie Girl and husband set off with anticipation of meeting up with their SCYC friends in Gorge, Rebecca Spit, or Cortez Is.  They hadn’t travelled that direction since the TwoCan XL had been purchased. They were anxious to try new anchorages and revisit some of the coves they had enjoyed in the past.  That’s why they set off on a lumpy crossing to False Bay on Lasqueti Island. Of course, the wind was coming straight at them, so no sails went up that day.

The anchorage was lovely and all went well, until evening when husband went up the cockpit to watch the sunset and realized that a neighbouring sailboat was encroaching the TwoCan XL…(let’s just say, there might have been a couple of feet between us). Apparently, he was using rope (not chain) and had put out abundantly more than he should have.  Husband didn’t wait around to explain the error of his ways. The engine was immediately started, the anchor brought up and the TwoCan XL was re-positioned a great distance away from their encroaching neighbour. It wasn’t until the next morning, when pulling up his anchor, that this cruiser realized just how much excess rode he had out. It was fortunate that he hadn’t collided into the other sailboat anchored on the other side of him!

Husband and Prairie Girl have an anchoring rule. Wherever they drop the hook, they stay two nights (not one). Their plan was to revisit Tribune Bay on Hornby Is. next…a favourite spot of Prairie Girl’s.  She didn’t want to miss out on beach time.

Lasqueti False Bay



Lasqueti ART

Great Signs in Bar

Meditation Anyone?

However, the next morning plans were revised… of course they were! The winds were blowing 15+ knots and SE- straight into Hornby. (At least that was what the latest weather report showed, but husband always questions their accuracy.) Prairie Girl, on the other hand, tends to lean towards accepting the weather forecast reported, so it was NO surprise that she questioned husband’s decision to leave their cozy anchorage and risk the weather. Husband pooh-poohed Prairie Girl’s concerns with the knowledge that they would no longer consider trying to anchor in Tribune Bay. No, they would cross over to the Denman Island Channel, with the intent to drop the hook at the top of the point in Henry Bay.

HA! THAT NEVER HAPPENED… The weather report proved to be a tad inaccurate. All the way across, they fought 25 knot winds, taking it on the side. It was a WILD RIDE and husband was NOT allowed to turn the wheel over to Prairie Girl for any breaks over the four hours, as she had visions of being catapulted over the side of the boat. (Believe me… their bladders had a workout that day- especially after having coffee before leaving!) You probably figured out that the plan to anchor in  Henry Bay was dismissed and Prairie Girl begged Comox Marina to keep a spot open for tie-up on their overflow dock.

Luckily for them, the bedraggled couple landed a slip on the overflow dock and they weren’t sure which was more of a relief…tying up safely in crazy winds or relieving their bladders! The winds continued to howl for two more days, but who cared?  They were safely tied up and husband owed her a BIG TIME restaurant meal- seriously! (And maybe just a little shopping in Courtney to alleviate the stress of the nightmare crossing…)

Gusty Winds on Comox Overflow Dock

Secure the Boats from Gusts












Comox Overflow Dock

Search & Rescue-
NOT US! (Thankfully)













Now, you probably think they stayed through the two nights of howling winds and then set off for Rebecca Spit and sunny, calmer weather. THINK AGAIN, dear Readers. Remember the new name for the TwoCan XLIRP (Inheritance Reduction Plan)? Oh yes, indeed, while at dock, what did husband discover when checking over his motor? He found a leak coming from the raw water pump! Just imagine Prairie Girl’s delight when she heard that news.

Old Leaking Pump

New Pump Delivered












Of course, nothing could be done about it on the weekend, so early Monday morning, husband was tracking down a new pump.  One realizes that this was not to be found in Comox, but of all the luck, he called a Campbell River number advertised on the Comox Marina bulletin board and discovered that they were completely knowledgeable, had the part in stock for the Yanmar engine, and best of all, a mechanic from their shop was heading to Comox within the hour to service another boat and could hand deliver it to us. Less than two hours later, husband had the new pump installed and just before closing the door to the motor, he noticed another hose in distress from rubbing.  Oh joy!

Naturally, this antifreeze coolant hose from the thermostat would have to be replaced… This is when the decision to abort the Desolation Sound cruise was made.  So, “with their sails tails tucked between their legs”, they made the trek home, motoring 8 hours straight into the wind.  And where are they now? The new hose is finally installed and they’re re-grouping with plans to head South to the Gulf Islands where they can at least get assistance if there is more fodder for this blog!

Prairie Girl knows every boater has the same tales of woe… but did it have to happen this particular summer when boating would be such a joyful experience with fewer boats on the water and finally having vaccines for Covid?  Prairie Girl just hopes that all her readers have much happier tales than theirs. Enjoy the rest of the summer and maybe they’ll see some of you out on the water, yet!


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