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Free eBooks of Frenchie Series- Bks. 1 & 2

Free eBooks of Frenchie Series- Bks. 1 & 2

Accept the gift of the first two eBooks of the Frenchie Series.  The books are available at

https://www.smashwords.comuntil Feb. 14, 2014 for free.

FRENCHIE’S BEST FRIEND- FOLLOW THE BLOG: Enter the Coupon Code DC85B before completing checkout.

FRENCHIE X2- FOLLOW THE BLOG:Enter the Coupon Code GZ32U before completing checkout.

Frenchie X2 Cover

Who enjoys reading the FRENCHIE SERIES?

·                           tweens (ages 9-12)

·                           librarians

·                          teachers

·                         parents

·                        grandparents

·                        pet lovers

     If you like a family-read that entertains and makes you laugh aloud, then the FRENCHIE SERIES are the   books for you!

Once you have enjoyed Books 1&2, Mary Laudien is hopeful that you will be keen to read her newest release: FRENCHIE DIVA- FOLLOW THE BLOGRead the rest