Blog Comment Contest

Blog Comment Contest

With summer reading upon us, Mary Laudien is excited to share the first two books of her Frenchie series as a way to inspire kids to read and write blogs over the long summer break.

In preparation for Mary Laudien’s Author Visit to Nanaimo Wellington Library’s Summer Reading Club, she has organized a BLOG COMMENT CONTEST as a follow-up activity.  Participants will be given a business card with her blog address (  They will be asked to visit her blog site after the Author Visit and leave a comment.  The participants will have some experience with blogs through her readings and will be asked to briefly comment on one of the following:

1. a recommendation for an author visit with Mary Laudien

2. a brief review of or recommendation for the novels introduced: Frenchie’s Best Friend- Follow the Blog or Frenchie X2- Follow the Blog

3. a personal connection that the participant made to the books  or the characters

The comment  must be posted by 10:00 p.m.  on July 10th with an EMAIL ADDRESS included so that Mary can contact the winner of the draw on July 11th.  The winner will be contacted by email to arrange delivery or mailing of the Frenchie Give-Aways. The prizes are the Frenchie Tee-Shirt (Size XLarge Kid’s Size) and a copy of Mary’s second novel- Frenchie X2-Follow the Blog. (Please Note: The teddy wearing the tee-shirt is NOT included in the Prize Package!)



And most of all, thank you for attending the Wellington Summer Reading Club on July 5th  at 2:00 pm with Mary Laudien!

About Mary Laudien

If you’re searching for carefree, cheeky blog sites that inspire belly laughs and tender moments from family drama and post career lifestyle choices; then please follow, FUN HAPPENS! Mary is many things (a long list…), but TODAY she’s a post innovative educator, who writes KIDLIT and humorous blog posts for “DOGGIE PEOPLE” (French Bulldog MG Series), “BOAT PEOPLE” (WHO’S the CAPTAIN? picture book), and “HAPPY/FUN PEOPLE” (Blog Posts) who relate to the amusing warmth in everyday life!

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  1. Mary
    i like how you got your grandpuppies to inspire you to write books. I am writing as well but i use my friends as charaters, but change their names and aperances. My favorite part of your book was when the log -poop- was in frount of the door. it made me laugh I told my dad at dinner! he wants to read you book with me.
    pst this is my first blog

    I will use my moms email address ok

  2. Hi Mary, I would like other kids to read your Frenchie series! They are good books for kids! Just by listening to you read some of the parts, it was a great experience!
    From Isaac

  3. Dear Mary,
    I thought that Frenchie X2 was really funny! Pierre made that BIG LOG OF POOH – I laughed and laughed at that!!! I also thought it was dramatic because Ethan thought that Pierre was lost. It was a really FUN experience to be with you!!!
    By Emma
    PS You might call your next book Frenchie X3!

  4. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for coming to our library! I think Frenchie X2 is funny! When Pierre pooped in front of his mom’s closet, it was so funny! When Ethan took Pierre out to go, Ethan thought Pierre ran into the woods, but he was really right by his feet. That was hilarious!
    From Ezra

  5. Dear Mary,
    I think the Frenchie series is fun to read, and the story is so clever! Ethan wanted a French Bull Dog, and in order to pay for it himself, he started a dog washing business in his laundry room. I am on the 4th chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens! Kids groups should have you as an author visit because it was so much fun when you came to our library! I became very interested and inspired by the Frenchie series when you showed it to us and read and talked all about it, and how you became a writer! I look forward to reading more of your series!!!
    From Sarah 🙂

  6. Hi Mary,
    I think the Frenchie books are a good series to read over the summer! Both books are full of mischief, adventure and funny parts which make them so much fun to read! I would definately recommend these books to everyone!!! I can’t imagine anyone who would not find these stories interesting and entertaining!
    Thank you very much for coming to our library! You have inspired me to begin a blog about my summer activities, my Jack Russell, my cat and my 2 ducks!
    From Gracie

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