How Can a Fourteen Year Old Girl be a Threat to the Taliban?

How Can a Fourteen Year Old Girl be a Threat to the Taliban?

The attempted assassination of Malala Yousafzai in Pakistan yesterday has me reeling!  I cannot understand how in a modern world, a fourteen year old girl could become a target on a Taliban hit list.  All this young girl wanted to do was attend school; a privilege taken for granted in North America and often not even appreciated.  Can you imagine this  girl’s courage to dress each morning and attempt to go to school after her right as a female to attend had been taken away? The Taliban deprives women’s roles and rights to openly attend schools. After shooting Malala and another girl who tried to protect her identity from the assassin, the Taliban immediately took pride in announcing their responsibility for it.  Malala is in critical condition and fighting for her life.  It is beyond one’s comprehension how a young girl of fourteen could pose such a threat to this group of terrorists. Instead of squashing her for her tenacity to continue to attend school in Pakistan; they may have incited an uprising as people all over the world are made aware and outraged by this tragedy.

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