‘Fur Kids’ New Year’s Resolutions

‘Fur Kids’ New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year when everyone has made their New Year’s Resolutions and some are already struggling with them. It got me thinking about our ‘fur kids’ and how they must also make resolutions after over-indulgences throughout the holiday season.

‘Fur kids’ were referred to in an article in The Globe and Mail (14/12/12) by Peter Scowen.  He was  discussing just how “gaga” society is over their ‘pet kids’:

  • They eat nothing but the priciest, organic foods.
  • If their ‘pet parents’ work- they attend high-end day cares with check-up webcams.
  • They travel everywhere with their family (often First Class) and receive routine spa treatments to keep them looking their best.
  • Costuming is big (In the USA, 350 million dollars were spent on Halloween costumes in 2012). Who knows what those holiday outfits, Santa suits, and raincoats added up to over the holiday season!
  • Photo shoots for family portraits and X’mas Cards are a must.
  • And ‘pet parents” receive commissioned portraits of their ‘fur kids’ as wedding and anniversary gifts.
  • You can even receive invitations to ‘fur kids” birthday parties and weddings (I’m serious!)

The truth is, as a dog-sitting grandma of my sons’ Frenchies; I’m no different than anyone else. And let’s face it, the inspiration of my Frenchie Series came about as an amusing spoof on this “gaga” phenomenon for our ‘fur kids’!



Which brings me back to my question about whether ‘fur kids’ make New Year’s Resolutions. Honestly, it didn’t surprise me when I perused Amazon’s holiday deals, that pet treadmills were advertised for your canine friends who over-indulged on their gourmet holiday fare and need to shed a couple of pounds.  Feel free ‘pet parents’ to click on the link below to order your gym/treadmill equipment for your out-of-shape ‘fur kid’. After all, ‘pet kids’ are expected to keep their New Year’s Resolutions just like their ‘pet parents’, right?


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