Dedication of Frenchie X 2 -Follow the Blog

Dedication of Frenchie X 2 -Follow the Blog

The manuscript was ready to be uploaded to CreateSpace for publication, all that was missing was the dedication.  It was time for me to write this; as it was important that the book be published in time.

“My sister Marlene laughed so hard that she almost fell out of her hospital bed as her daughter read the first novel, Frenchie’s Best Friend- Follow the Blog to her. My hope is that she will experience as much comic relief and chuckles from Frenchie X 2.  This story is for you, my courageous sister.”

Marlene, my oldest sister (#1 of 6); has been battling brain cancer for a year and a half and lives her days mostly in a hospital bed with friends and family dropping in on her. Before her illness began, Marlene had a vital role as an alderwoman in a small Saskatchewan city, constantly giving of herself to her community. Not to mention that this same woman lived a balanced healthy lifestyle – swimming daily and working out. Having Marlene face the challenges of cancer treatments and then accept the return of the tumors, has been daunting.

My admiration for my big sister is clearly about her attitude.  She doesn’t complain, she doesn’t get angry about the early onset of her illness; instead she simply tries to enjoy her days and the time she has with the important people in her life.

I’m anxious for the book to be in her hands soon, so that she can still enjoy it.  Knowing how much she loved being a pet owner and a doggie grandma, she will certainly relate to the story and hopefully the humor of Frenchie X 2 will be a fun distraction to her day.

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