Sneak Preview of a Blog from Frenchie X2

Sneak Preview of a Blog from Frenchie X2


Frenchie X2- Follow the Blog (Book #2 of the Frenchie series) is now available in print in Canada at or I thought you might like to read just one of the hilarious blogs in the second book for a taste of puppy care X2.  Enjoy my fellow pet lovers and readers!

Blog: Potty Training

Well, I’m not sure I have this puppy-training thing under control. (Sissy the over-achiever did ALL of her business outdoors today. Pierre, on the other hand, had a couple of notable accidents.)  Most unfortunate of all was the “log” he decided to leave in front of my mom’s closet in her bedroom.  I’m sure you can picture the scene, Mom comes rushing in from the dry cleaners, as the phone is ringing.  I’m on the “John” and splat- she’s got “doo doo” on the bottom of her shoe.  There was so much commotion, that with Mom throwing a fit, the puppies started to bark wildly as I frantically tried to get out of the washroom. Of course NO ONE (meaning ME) had replaced the toilet paper roll and I was stuck on the bowl.  There wasn’t even a spare Kleenex to be found!  By the time Mom came to my rescue, she was completely beyond help!  I took that as a strong indication that it was probably the right time to take the puppies for a super long walk! Let’s just say Pierre and Sissy now know the meaning of MARATHON (not walk)!

I’m even more determined than ever that I have to get Pierre toilet trained fast.  Mom might be the Patience Poster Girl at school, but she’s running on empty right now.  I’m setting my alarm to wake me up every two and a half hours tonight.  No matter what, the puppies are going to be taken out for a pee break, I just can’t face my mom’s wrath one more day! (Even if it means standing outside in the middle of winter, waiting for the wild animals to get us!)

Mom and I were supposed to talk about my Doggie Wash business tonight, but given the circumstances of the earlier situation and her mood, I didn’t think it was a particularly conducive time to take that on. Luckily Grandma Sis came to my rescue and provided a distraction by inviting us over for dinner. Thankfully, we made it through Christmas leftovers without the puppies causing any big problem.  Grandma Sis is totally in love with our Sissy and Cher isn’t very happy about that. She was the one acting out tonight. She whined and paced throughout the visit. I felt like warning her to smarten up or I’d give her a bath; she’s such a spoiled brat! And you should’ve seen Grandpa Bob with Pierre. He thinks Pierre is a real man’s dog; whatever that means…

More to report tomorrow; stay tuned.  Hopefully, I can circumvent any more accidents in the upcoming days; I can tell my mom is becoming rather fragile over the issue.  If she only knew what went on all fall in her house….

Frazzled New Papa,

Frenchie’s Best Friend

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  1. “Frenchie X 2” is going to be a hit with all those who read and love “Frenchie’s Best Friend” and with all those who love dogs! Ethan is at his best with his two best buddies, Pierre and Sissy. These two little rascals’ personalities have really emerged in this second book, and they are a riot-never a dull moment with thse two!
    Ethan’s life is always eventful, and in this book he surpised himself oftern with his enterpising ideas, his enthusiasm for leadership, and his reaction to his mom’s new thinking and behavior. Young readers will often be able to identify with Ethan and his life, and may even see the possibilities for themselves to evolve as Ethan is doing.
    Mary writes with loads of humour which young readers will love as much as they love little Pierre and Sissy! Great read for young and old!

    • Thanks for your comments Joann! It tells me that you were entertained by our developing character Ethan and his new life with his adorable Frenchie puppies.I’m just writing the last chapter of the third novel in the Frenchie series and I have caught myself laughing aloud as I type. Such fun! You won’t be letdown with #3 as Grandma Sis gets quirkier than ever and new, crazier changes occur in the lives of Ethan and his mom (and Pierre’s and Sissy’s, of course). Get ready for some giggles as you follow Ethan’s nightly blog, “Frenchie’s Best Friend.”

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