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Sneak Preview of a Blog from Frenchie X2

Sneak Preview of a Blog from Frenchie X2


Frenchie X2- Follow the Blog (Book #2 of the Frenchie series) is now available in print in Canada at http://www.redtuquebooks.ca or www.amazon.ca/dp/1466480998. I thought you might like to read just one of the hilarious blogs in the second book for a taste of puppy care X2.  Enjoy my fellow pet lovers and readers!

Blog: Potty Training

Well, I’m not sure I have this puppy-training thing under control. (Sissy the over-achiever did ALL of her business outdoors today. Pierre, on the other hand, had a couple of notable accidents.)  Most unfortunate of all was the “log” he decided to leave in front of my mom’s closet in her bedroom.  I’m sure you can picture the scene, Mom comes rushing in … Read the rest