Frenchie’s Best Friend Give Away in the Mail

Frenchie’s Best Friend Give Away in the Mail

It was so great to receive the following response when I emailed the winner of the draw from the Author’s in Bloom Blog Hop!  It is obvious that Mel and her family are dog people and that they’re keen to read the humorous stories about Ethan (the 13 year old main character) who embarks on a devious scheme with his quirky grandmother to own his very own French Bulldog (unbeknownst to his overwhelmed single mother)!  I hope that the first two books of the Frenchie series provides the family with belly laughs and helps to ease the pain of losing their Krunchy.  Who knows?  After reading the novels, they may be just as Frenchie crazy as many of us are and decide that a French Bulldog is what they actually want!

YAY!! Thank you!  I told my boys about Frenchie’s Best Friend and they are sooo excited.  I even showed them your blog!  Isak and Riley can’t wait to read about Frenchie. We are BIG dog lovers.  Literally! Both of our dogs are very large.  Krunchy was a shephard/chow mix and Hemi is a pit bull/chow mix.  Both were rescues.  We just lost Krunchy after 12 years.  It has been the hardest on Isak.  He is also the most excited about reading the Frenchie books. It is so neat because we are looking to adopt an English Bulldog this summer.  I can’t wait to read them with the boys.  I can’t thank you enough!!!
Thank you!!

As I write this, I am just about to load a ferry over to the Lower Mainland and dog sit my Frenchie grand-dog, Cecile, for five days.  Could anyone resist this little cutie?

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