Summer Reading Program at Nanaimo Wellington Library

Summer Reading Program at Nanaimo Wellington Library

If you’re a 9 to 12 year old  you will want to join


This is an author visit for absolutely anyone who likes having FUN, reading HUMOROUS BOOKS and is GAGA over their PET (French Bulldogs, in particular!). Mary is writing her third novel in the Frenchie series and she is excited to share her first two books with anyone who meets the above criteria!


$6.99                                                                            $9.99

If you own a pet or are a “pet- owner wannabe”, you’ll make a personal connection with the hilarious and chaotic contemporary fiction in this series. Listen to some hysterical readings from Frenchie’s Best Friend- Follow the Blog and the sequel Frenchie X 2- Follow the Blog, Mary will let you in on some family secrets that inspired her to write the series, she’ll give you some tips on writing entertaining blogs, and would be happy to answer burning questions regarding the writing and publishing process.

Frenchie Give-Aways and Door Prizes during her presentation. Books sold at discounted prices during the presentation.  They are also available locally at CHAPTERS in Nanaimo and NANAIMO MAPS AND CHARTS.

Location:  Nanaimo Wellington Library

Date:  July 5, 2012 at 2:00 p.m.

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