After returning from a relaxing Caribbean Cruise to their pristine NW Pacific home following a cold snap; there was an unwelcome surprise awaiting Mary, and it wasn’t a belated birthday gift, either!

In the flurry of getting home after five weeks away, there was the unpacking, laundry, calls, food shopping, and all, to address. The fact that husband Ryan noticed some evidence of mice activity in the garage, didn’t phase her one bit.  That’s the GARAGE, right? WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

By the third day of their return, husband Ryan headed back to Vancouver for a work day on an insanely early ferry.  Retired Mary snuggled deeper under the covers and emerged from the bedroom – somewhat later.

Turning the corner into the Great Room, checking emails on her iPhone, she caught something tiny, black, and furry scurrying past her towards the pantry.  (Yes, the same pantry that she had laboriously cleaned and left spotless the week before vacationing.)  Let’s just say, Mr. Ryan was in deep, deep DOO-DOO when he didn’t answer SOS texts and arrived home extremely late that night. (Sensitive husband Ryan decided to have a leisurely dinner with a friend on the mainland, catching the last ferry home… BAD, BAD DECISION!)

In the meantime, Miss Scaredy Cat had spent the entire day scouring the house for evidence of mice, constantly scanning for the little black monster (the source of her angst), watching You Tube videos on how to set traps, and running into town to buy all the paraphernalia needed.  By the time husband Ryan walked in, his creeped-out wife was found barricaded in their lit up bedroom, sitting on the bed with a big glass of red wine de-stressor (it was necessary) and whacking tools beside her in case BLACKIE showed up.

Of course this event set off a week’s worth of MOUSE CSI – trapping, poisoning, and searching out evidence for days.  Two were caught in the laundry room (thankfully, one was BLACKIE) and two more in the garage.  New weather stripping has been installed everywhere (including the garage doors) and tubes of silicone and boxes of steel wool have filled anything resembling a crack.  Of course, the entire house is spotless after gallons of bleach.

mouse trap 3 Mouse Trap 1

Miss Mary is finally settling down, since nothing more has shown up in the dozens of traps and no poison has disappeared for days now.  She thinks they caught it all in time, before they reproduced. Chances are that the mice came in through the laundry room door when the suitcases were unloaded through the garage entrance. (That’s her theory, anyways, and she’s sticking to it!)

Finally, she’s had a full night’s sleep after a week of creepiness. But truthfully; Miss Mary isn’t taking any of her usual middle of the night wanders. Is that an indication that she remains completely FREAKED OUT?


I’m sure all of us have had a mouse incident (or something worse) at some point or other.  Although it is highly stressful, there is something humorous in the telling.  Please share your stories with me by clicking on the Leave a Comment button below.  I enjoy sharing life’s trials and tribulations with all of you, please take a couple of minutes and share your tales.  I love to hear from you!!

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