Summertime is Book Time- Amazon Says So!

Summertime is Book Time- Amazon Says So!

I know you’ve checked out some SUMMER READS on Amazon and noticed their banner at the bottom of each book ad, “Summertime is Book Time”. Summer is a perfect time to chill and have a stock of books/ebooks on hand to read. That’s why I’m making FRENCHIE X2- Follow the Blog (the ebook) available to you FREE over a 5 day period.

You’ve already read BOOK #1 of the Frenchie SeriesFRENCHIE’S BEST FRIEND- Follow the Blog, so don’t hesitate to read BOOK #2 and share the link to anyone who loves pets, belly laughs, relates to teenage angst, and the family drama of divorced and extended families.

From July 22nd-26th, go to or in Canada, And don’t forget! If you don’t have a kindle, you can download the Free Kindle Reading App. Anybody can read Kindle books; even without a Kindle device with the FREE Kindle app for smartphones, tablets, and computers. Thank you Amazon for this!

Frenchie X2

Who said puppy ownership was going to be easy for a 13 year old? Juggling the responsibilities of caring for and training not ONE new French bulldog puppy, but TWO, while simultaneously keeping his reluctant, bamboozled mother on side is full on! And that’s to say nothing of Ethan’s challenge to maintain a watchful eye on his conniving, eccentric Grandmother!

Pierre and Sissy (the most adorable Frenchie puppies-ever) have a way of complicating Ethan’s life. Throughout the chaos, Ethan tries to sustain his friendships, balance schoolwork with his lucrative business, and continue chronicling the hilarious, frantic journey on his nightly blogFrenchie’s Best Friend. Possibly this hectic life as a new Frenchie Papa could become a bit overwhelming… (Possibly? DUH!)

Please take advantage of this offer over the next 5 days, to download the FREE kindle version of FRENCHIE X2- Follow the Blog. It’s my SUMMER READING gift to you! If you enjoy it, please send a recommendation to others and leave a comment about the book on the Amazon site. This helps others to find the FRENCHIE SERIES amongst all the other zillions of entertaining novels to choose from.

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