Why Enrol in Blogging 101?

Why Enrol in Blogging 101?

Why Did I Start Blogging?

Everyone enrolled in BLOGGING 101 will have different reasons for getting a blog underway. I am a purposeful retired educator/administrator who found that I was unprepared for “retirement”.  What did I do?  I wrote a middle years series of  3 humorous novels, entitled the Frenchie Series (Frenchie referring to French Bulldogs). Interesting, the MG novels are about a 13 year old boy who blogs each night to all the Frenchie lovers… Most of all, the writing kept me engaged and excited about creating something that I hoped families would get some chuckles from reading.  As well, it kept me learning new skills, such as setting up an author platform and coordinating one’s promotion and marketing plan.  I hired a genius high school student four years ago and set up a state of the art website for my titles.(Fortunately/Unfortunately he is now a second year student in Harvard and completely unavailable to update this lovely website!)

Blogging was the next step.  I used it, initially, to run contests, have students send in feedback after making school/library visits and advertised each new book. What I didn’t do is set it up as strictly an author’s blog.  There were so many other things going on in one’s life with which to have some fun!  I enjoy recognizing family, friends, neighbors, etc. who touch my life and I feel compelled to write my blog posts for them. I know that blogging about experiences involving them makes them feel important to me and I want them to have that. We have many laughs over the crazy everyday experiences that bring us such delight when it is blogged.

Why Enroll in Blogging 101?

Now that I am enrolled in Blogging 101, I realize that this will give me the opportunity/skills to start up a second blog. One will be for selling my published books, advertising my workshops/ author visits, and providing writing advice to readers, etc. And the other will be to add some personal humor and fun  into the lives of my readers, who care about many of the same things I encounter as I move through this journey of post career.  I was an innovative and dedicated teacher/ principal and blogging provides me with the challenge I need to reach people and maybe even touch their lives.

Am I a techno whiz? Hardly!  Do I need a little support setting up my new blog site?  Absolutely!  Will Blogging 101 provide the support and tools I need to succeed? I’m certainly hopeful and appreciative!

Consider Subscribing to http://www.twocandobooks.wordpress.com

Keep checking in readers, as I feel my progress could be your incentive to take some risks and try to perfect something that is important to you.  If you have some words of advice or just a story to share that may inspire others to get out there and become engaged with their world, please leave a comment. We’d all love to hear from you.




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  1. Have you been finding the course useful? I’ve learned so much–not that I’m very good at implementing all of the tips. I keep saving all the emailed assignments so I can continue to read and learn and continue to decide what my blog wants to be when its all grown up!

    • You have summed up exactly what I am experiencing with this course. I am spending a lot of time on getting familiar with the tools being introduced, but am hesitant about splitting my my blog site into two, which I know is inevitable. I really don’t feel confident about starting from scratch with another site and trying to migrate the pertinent material to the second site. I know it is necessary to create a clear goal and purpose, but I feel somewhat overwhelmed! Technical reading and making it work is definitely a challenge! You keep trying and I’ll do the same. I think we’re kindred spirits in this technological journey and I’m grateful to have the opportunity.

      • I’ve felt that same way–that I either need to narrow my focus or split my blog. I have a hard enough time keeping up one, though, so two is unlikely to happen! The good news is that we can all muddle our way along until we figure it out. Enjoy the journey!

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