Mary Laudien has been a super engaged author these days! She and Dave Alavoine are busy preparing for their BOOK LAUNCH of WHO’S the CAPTAIN?  The event will be held at Martin Marine  (1176 Welch Street in North Vancouver) on Saturday, Nov. 26th from 12:30pm-2:00pm. Martin Marine is the PERFECT venue to launch their nautical book, as a long established North Shore ‘family business for boating families’.

Dave Alavoine is a long term North Shore resident, sailor, sailboat builder, former British Merchant Marine…and most importantly, Pacific Yachting Magaizine’s nautical cartoonist! Mary Laudien is a  4th time B.C. children’s author and the former proud principal of West Bay and Cypress Park. Mary and Dave hope to host boating families, friends, colleagues, and anyone who likes to read for fun and amusement! As Mary’s husband commented (as a BIG FAN of Dave’s Cockpit Confessions Cartoons in Pacific Yachting Magazine),

“Where else can one take home a collection of Dave Alavoine’s nautical cartoons in the context of family vacation sailing? A keepsake for sure!”

The launch will be complete with draws and door prizes, a fun program to introduce all age groups to their book, and light refreshments. The best part of all will be the mingling with old friends and acquaintances from school, marinas and yacht clubs.  (And who knows…some of the CAPTAINS out there just might like finding a copy in their Christmas stocking!)

Dave Alavoine (cartoonist), Dave Goodman (owner of Martin Marine), and Mary Laudien (author) can’t wait to greet all their sailing families! (Okay, powerboat families can attend, as well!)


Readers, if you know of families that would enjoy attending this event on the North Shore, please forward them the information.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to fill Martin Marine up with friends who will enjoy the launch and take home  this little “gem”. Thanks for visiting today, I couldn’t resist sharing our enthusiasm for our Book Launch/Signing event! I hope you’ll mark the date and address on your calendar today!



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