HEAD– It’s the BOAT TOILET, okay?

FINALLY! A FAMILY SAILING BOOK that cracks the code of nautical terms through humourous cartoons and a cheeky glossary! Mary Laudien, a fourth time B.C. children’s author and former Principal of West Bay and Cypress Park, has just released, WHO’S the CAPTAIN? Anyone who has ever sailed or cruised with kids aboard will relate to the cartoons and reminiscing of those adventures on the water will be inevitable!


Mary didn’t start sailing until her late forties, missing out on the fun of cruising with her sons, as children. Many of her school families had extraordinary sailing adventures to share with her. As she cruised the Pacific NW on their Catalina 28 (the TWOCAN), she wrote about the humourous (if not scary) situations one encounters on the water. These stories of PRAIRIE GIRL becoming a sailor, (well… a cruiser, anyway) became entertaining posts on her blog ( While writing WHO’S the CAPTAIN? she visualized Dave Alavoine’s cartoons and that’s how this magical collaboration between them began.

WHO’S the CAPTAIN? is a tribute to this talented, long term North Shore resident, sailor, and the renowned Pacific Yachting Magazine’s cartoonist of “COCKPIT CONFESSION”. Everyone’s favorite part of the magazine! (One lucky guest will have his/her name drawn for an original painting from the book-not to mention Pacific Yachting give-aways…and more!)

WHO’S the CAPTAIN? is a book that will entertain children (ages 6+) and all boaters. A parent/grandparent will enjoy “cozying-up” with their little one and sharing the cartoon vignettes in the context of family sailing vacations. What fun guessing the meaning of the nautical words within the cleverly creative cartoons (and then affirming their answers with the sassy definitions)! Middle Grade kids (ages 8-12) will relate to all the comical mishaps on the water and the attitudes of family members sailing together. Of course, the lines can blur when identifying who really is or should be the CAPTAIN!

Mary and Dave are looking forward to sharing their book with you on Saturday, November 26th at the North Vancouver Martin Marine Store, the perfect venue to launch their nautical book. Martin Marine is a long established North Shore family business that boating families frequent. Owner Dave Goodman was gracious to offer to host their event.

Please drop by with your family to celebrate the launch of WHO’S the CAPTAIN? complete with draws and door prizes, a fun program to introduce all age groups to their book, and light refreshments. The best part of all will be the mingling with old friends and acquaintances from school, marinas, and yacht clubs!

(And who knows… some of the CAPTAINS out there just might like finding a copy in their Christmas stocking…)

DATE: Saturday, November 26th                                                 whos-captain-title-page336

TIME: 12:30 – 2:00

LOCATION: Martin Marine Services Ltd.

                      1176 Welch Street

                      North Vancouver

BOOK PRICE: only $14.99

For more information or to check out those Prairie Girl posts go to:

Dave Alavoine, Dave Goodman and Mary Laudien can’t wait to greet all their sailing families! (Okay, powerboat families can attend, as well!)

Come on parents, bring out your CAPTAINS(CAPTAIN- The person in command of the boat. In other words, ‘THE BIG BOSS’!)


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