Call Prairie Girl naive, but she was incredulously baffled when husband announced that there would be several expensive purchases to be made in order to completely outfit their brand new Catalina 28 Mark 11 Anniversary Edition. Prairie Girl just assumed that their DREAM BOAT was loaded to the max- complete with an anniversary plaque, a wooden hull to mount on their wall at home, a set of Catalina dishes, upgraded upholstery and blinds, a bimini and sunbrella protectors for the windows… What did husband mean when he said it wasn’t completely outfitted with everything necessary?

Prairie Girl can visualize her readers nodding their heads knowingly. You’ve bought new boats and had the same epiphany- haven’t you? So what exactly were the missing pieces? Take a look at the Navigational Pod. In the first picture where husband is bringing our new boat home, and in the second picture with Prairie Girl at the wheel, you’ll notice a huge change with all kinds of updated navigational equipment, like a new GPS, an auto- pilot, a radio…











And what else could they have required to fully outfit their new sailboat? Hmmm…a new dinghy (The Titan fit on the 27 ft. Catalina, but was too large for the 28 ft. -REALLY!), a new barbecue, new cushion chairs for in the cockpit, new sunbrella rail cushions, walkie-talkies to communicate with one another on such a BIG BOAT,… (Just kidding!) You’re snickering- you’ve been there! (BUT, did she mention that their new boat came equipped with a set of Catalina dishes, a plaque, and a wooden hull to mount on their wall at home?)





Let’s just say, the purchase of the new boat wasn’t quite the deal Prairie Girl first thought. Does she love the Catalina 28 Marks 11 Anniversary Edition? Oh yes, she loves it so much that now that it’s 10 years old, husband is starting his “NEW BOAT WHINE” and Prairie Girl is putting up significant resistance to the ‘one foot-itis’ pressure. (And this is in spite of the fact that the Catalina 28 Marks 11 Anniversary Edition didn’t include the in-board heat that she was so taken with when they first looked at the boat in Vancouver!) Maybe she should be letting herself be manipulated into a bigger, more   comfy, and heated boat… (She better hope husband isn’t reading this post.)

Most boaters have experienced the ONE FOOT-ITIS… and many of you have actually bought brand new.  What surprised you most? It NEVER occurred to PRAIRIE GIRL that the new boat would require a thing! SHOCKING!  Please leave a comment and don’t forget to share the PRAIRIE GIRL series with any of your sailing friends who would enjoy at good laugh.

Did any of you notice one of PRAIRIE GIRL’S posts was published in PACIFIC YACHTING MAGAZINE’S  JANUARY 2017 edition?  Do the cartoon characters in Dave Alavoine’s cartoon remind you of anyone you know?  Check it out and leave a comment- it means a lot to me to have my readers leave their reactions and thoughts. 

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  1. To sail the local ocean waters, one needs a 36 foot yacht, minimum.
    Nothing smaller.
    36 feet work for you Ryan ?
    And EPIRBs for everyone.

    • The CAPTAIN loved your opinion Rolf… of course he did! He’ll be campaigning all the more now. Problem is- Prairie Girl has grown attached to the TwoCan and it’s size. We’ll see!

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