Another 5 Star Review on Amazon for Frenchie X2- Follow the Blog

Another 5 Star Review on Amazon for Frenchie X2- Follow the Blog

I am so appreciative of readers who take the time to write a brief review on Amazon for my books.  I just had to share the latest one  with all of you!
By Tanyia (a teacher/mother)
This review is from: Frenchie X 2: Follow the Blog (Paperback)

Mary Laudien’s most recent book, Frenchie X 2: Follow the Blog, captures the interest of the reader in the same lighthearted, yet realistic manner as her first book of the series, Frenchies Best Friend.

Mary explores a wide variety of writing tools and techniques in order to create the atmosphere that is integral to a great story.
She enhances readability by choosing a topic relevant to a wide audience- dog owners. Anyone who has raised a puppy to adulthood will empathize with Ethan as he copes with the challenges of training two lively French Bulldog puppies. The mood is established through diverse and unpredictable characters such as eccentric Grandma Sis, a workaholic, yet loving single parent mother and of course the entrepreneurial, persistent Ethan himself whose crazy exploits with his puppies reveal maturation beyond his thirteen years.

This delightful story is told with humor, suspense and pathos enhanced by a diverse vocabulary perfect for language development in the upper elementary classroom. A must in every middle school library!

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