Cover Concept Choices

Cover Concept Choices

Decisions, decisions, decisions Frenchie Diva- Follow the Blog will be available in paperback and eBook readers by September.  Right now, the cover concepts must be decided upon.  Although this is Book #3 of a series, I am breaking from tradition by modernizing the cover concept to have more appeal for my target  “tween” readers.

This decision to go with a different design concept is based purely on gut instinct and deviates somewhat from expert advice regarding book cover design for series.  Am I making an error in judgement?  You tell me.

What are some of the criteria for meeting the design elements for a series?  Check these out:

  • make the title have impact through use of font and placement of  author’s name
  • choose a symbol that strongly represents the story
  • create covers in series that are consistent and match
  • convey the mood of the book through the covers
  • use consistent fonts, but change up the colors and images/drawings used

These are the covers of the first two novels.  My feelings are that they appeal to the younger tweens. However,  I’m trying to attract the upper tweens (10-13 year olds) with my MG contemporary fiction. If my hunch turns out right, I will eventually go back and redesign these  first two covers accordingly.






The cover for Frenchie Diva – Book #3 of the Frenchie Series, is not finalized yet, and thus I cannot upload it at this point.  It uses the same fun fonts, different colors, but it does not show Ethan writing his FBF (Frenchie’s Best Friend) blog and thinking about his bulldogs.  Instead, the cover is an authentic blog on a tablet and the image is an adorable Frenchie with her head stuck in a show hat. 

I’d love to hear your comments regarding changing up the third cover in the Frenchie series.  What is your opinion?  Am I making the right choice or do you feel strongly that I should have stayed with the consistent concept of the first two?  I’d appreciate hearing from you and your experiences.




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  1. I like the dog with his head in the show hat but keep Ethan in the picture as well, it connects all three novels. We identify with the first two that way with his thought drifting up to the picture.

  2. to mary laudien
    i am part of the ok falls school 6/7 class. i’ve had some funny pet stories of my own. once my dog bruce decided to chase a porcupine. of course that ended badly! he got needles in his nose! i was not there for the reading but i heard it was cool! i got book and i really like it! its very cute and funny! the dogs are french bulldogs, right? anyway im glad the money is going to the SPCA.

    • I’m sorry I missed meeting you Sydney. Which book are you reading right now- #1, #2 or #3? It would be great if you could read them in sequence so that you know how Ethan ends up with two French Bulldog puppies! It’s got a lot of funny twists in the tale and I can tell from your Bruce and the porcupine story that you can relate to Ethan and pet ownership… the good, the bad and the ugly! I’m glad you like my idea of giving 15% of all sales at schools to the SPCA. They can really use the funding and it makes us all feel good about helping the animals. Thanks for reading my series Sydney!

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