I’m not sure about you, but I’m not always ready by New Year’s Eve, to articulate my resolutions for the upcoming year ahead. I’m learning, as I move forward through the years (such a poetic way of saying aging), that everything in life comes down to RELATIONSHIPS. I used to get annoyed in my profession when the buzzword relationship-building became over-worked. I wanted to shout out at times that if everyone just did their job to the best of their ability in a principled way, relationships would never be an issue.

Now that I’m retired and have had the luxury of time to contemplate and appreciate the wisdom of valuing, maintaining, and further developing deeper relationships with others; I find that it’s becoming my all-encompassing goal. We all know the power of having strong, true friendships and caring, supportive families, and the work and effort that is required on an on-going basis. This is my “umbrella resolution”, I’m going to continue to grow and develop my relationships with the people I love and care about. It’s my first priority.

My second resolution is related to relationships, as well. Since I started writing and publishing, it has been a fairly solitary activity. I depended on the Internet, Twitter, blogs, webinars, and conferences to continue to develop as a writer. I didn’t tap the expertise of others through collaborating and sharing with other authors, illustrators, publishers, educators, librarians, etc., who share my passion and strengths in creating worthwhile kidlit. Relationships were not forged with the talented people that surround me, who live and breathe their craft. Some of this was due to moving to the island and away from my contacts and identity. But 2015 is different. I know I’m finally ready to do just that. I’ve started the New Year off by contacting an illustrator (cartoonist) who I envisioned creating the humorous illustrations for my new picture book, as I created it. His cartoons are brilliant and his style will bring the text alive for a heart-warming story about a young family that vacations together on their sailboat. The book is entitled, Who’s the CAPTAIN? I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he’s up for the project. If you’re familiar with Cockpit Confessions in the Pacific Yachting Magazine, you’ll know of David Alavoine’s witty style and ability.

I don’t know if you’ve come up with an “umbrella” New Year’s resolution, as I have. I’d appreciate hearing about yours and what actions you’re taking to be successful.
Please leave your comments below and any suggestions you have for me, to make 2015 the best one yet.



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