Fresh, Energized and Rejuvenated

Fresh, Energized and Rejuvenated

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According to Global TV’s Newscast yesterday, January 19th is recognized as the most depressing day of the year. As you can tell from the title of my post, my personal experience of that date was anything but depressing!  What factors contributed to my feelings of well-being?  What made yesterday a day that was fresh, energized, and left one feeling rejuvenated? From my perspective:

1. Exercise- Start the day off early with a brisk walk with friends in a gorgeous part of Vancouver Island (ocean, golf course, rocks and trees, trails). It helps when the sun is shining, like it was yesterday!

-Attend a Yoga Class at the end of the day to wind down and get some wonderful stretches in.

2. Time to Chat with One’s Partner- communicating, over coffee, about upcoming travel plans that we are mutually looking forward to.

3. Creating- continue to fine-tune (wordsmithing) one’s Picture Book, while anticipating the illustrator’s draft cartoons. As well, preparing the Query Letter to be sent to the targeted publisher.

4. Artistry- continue to make progress with a “shabby chic” tin ceiling tile project.  This feeds one’s need to continue to beautify one’s home.

5. Productivity- clean and organize the bathroom cupboards with new baskets purchased at Home Sense on the weekend. (√ on the TO DO LIST)

6. Nutrition- Plan and prepare a tasty dinner to  share with one’s partner upon returning from Yoga.

7. Leisure- Enjoy the evenings for some screen time, internet browsing, or to read one’s current book.

8. Sleep- Get a wonderful 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and awake rested.(Unheard of for those in the working world… I know!)

Yesterday was a super day!  Having direction and time for a little togetherness with others is key to my personal well-being. The only element that could have improved it would have included some time spent with children.

A former colleague and friend of mine called on the weekend and inquired during the conversation about what I was up to now that I had retired from my all-encompassing career.  It was hard for me to explain the change in my day-to-day life and the effort it takes to keep it engaging, fulfilling, happy, and rewarding. One doesn’t have those urgent calendar must-dos  and overwhelming schedules (or, unfortunately, the celebrations for the successes). The hardest and perhaps the true gift is having the luxury of time to indulge yourself in the way you choose to spend your day.  It’s a process and I am learning to be gentle on myself and give myself permission to pursue the things in life that fill my soul. It isn’t perfected yet, but the process and transition one moves through is an interesting and rewarding journey in its own way- especially when you feel fresh, energized and rejuvenated!

Was yesterday a day to feel blue?... NOT A CHANCE!

I’m sure some of you have tales of what keeps you feeling positive about your life.  What are the ingredients that keep you fresh, energized and rejuvenated?  I’d love to hear from you, so please do leave a comment.  And don’t forget, you can subscribe to my blog and receive notices when there is a new post. Please do so, I’m excited about growing my readership!

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