“Poo Brew”- REALLY!

“Poo Brew”- REALLY!

Road trips are excellent humor fodder for amusing the weary travelers. The “POO” dialogue recently heard on a California radio station was hands down the most memorable. Apparently, American companies are producing a beer made with recycled sewage water (yes, you get the picture)! And, even more incredulous, this beverage is becoming a winner! Imagine! Actual companies using recycled sewage water to create new beverages for human consumption.  Check it out, Wiegert Brewing has a U Tube video showing a patron trying their carbonated POO BREW. It is touted as a “POO BREW chocolate vanilla gourmet soda.”  I know what you’re thinking. When you flush that POO down the toilet, that’s the last time you want to encounter it… Well my friends, if you don’t believe me, check out Manure Tea for fun! Do you think these companies could possibly be onto something? Should we be investing?

Are you at all entertained as a passenger on a road trip by the billboards and bumper stickers that catch your eye along the freeways?  My bored husband is inclined to be influenced by billboard solicitation. So, after the 10th sign, advertising “PEA SOUP ANDERSEN’S”,  a slight detour off the highway for a brief pit stop was made.  Seriously, its hard to believe that one can make a thriving  business by packing the traveling hordes in to sample PEA SOUP!  (Please Note: My husband didn’t even bother to inquire whether I actually liked PEA SOUP, he was so jazzed about sampling this unique fare amongst all the other travelers seeking a distraction from driving.) Of course, the next Billboard tempting him to exit off the freeway came when he spotted, “HONK IF YOU LOVE BUFFETS!”  NOT!

Heading to the desert means getting more physical exercise and losing a little weight. This  gym billboard gave us a chuckle, “PAY DIDDLY FOR YOUR SQUATS”.  Clever, don’t you think?

As we drove through Palm Desert, we were taken with the restaurant sign, “UNCOWPROMISING”.

The best bumper sticker of all for us had to be, “GOOD HAPPENS”. That one caught our attention when contrasted with the other saying that’s out there…

And finally, coming from someone who is about to celebrate another birthday, “I know it all…. I just can’t remember it all at once.”

I’m sure you have some humorous billboards and bumper stickers that you thought were clever.  Share them with us by commenting below.  We want to hear about them.


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  1. Hi Mary – what a great descriptive piece of your road trip. Loved reading it.. Have a wonderful birthday down there! The only sign I can think of here is up in the local town, Waimea, stop signs say “Whoa”.. which we always thought was kind of cute! I’ll be lookiing out for more now !!

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