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It’s a rainy, dark October day, and as I write this TENDER TUESDAY post, adding to my collection of early sailboat ownership experiences, it felt like the right kind of day to share a magical New Year’s Eve memory.  (It may just inspire my readers with sailboats to plan a romantic evening on their boats at dock on a cold, dark winter night.)

New Year’s Eve arrived quickly, a few months after purchasing our old/new Catalina, the former Y KNOT (later renamed the ON EDGE).   Husband had been working his way methodically through his TO DO LIST, in preparation of sailing in the spring.

The boat was still moored in North Vancouver, a few downhill blocks away from our highrise apartment. New Years Eve had snuck up on us that year, and we hadn’t any plans for bringing in the New Year.

Prairie Girl came up with a solution. “Let’s go to the boat armed with a delicious fish stew, crusty bread,salad, and a bottle of bubbly for toasting in the Yew Year!”  Husband was skeptical at first, knowing that we’d only have an electric heater to keep us snug.  Prairie Girl  squashed  his protestations and in spite of such a cold spell (ice was actually forming on the ocean water around their boat), they trudged down to the marina to bring in the New Year.

It didn’t take long with the electric heater and the burners going, to get the Catalina warmed up and cozy.  Of course, wrapping up in fleece blankets helped, as well!

Cozy Fleece jackets and tuques!

Cozy fleece jackets and tuques!

Snuggled in after dinner.

Snuggled in after dinner.

With warm food, good music, candlelight, and anticipated sailing plans for an exceptional year ahead, it was a magical moment toasting in the NEW YEAR on the Y KNOT! (They were still VERY excited about their “old tub” purchase!)

As they locked up the boat and stepped onto the finger, Prairie Girl and husband realized what an exquisite night it truly was! Fluffy snowflakes fell silently as they trudged by the marina’s lit up houseboats and carol ships. The beauty was in the peace that wrapped itself around them as they made their way home with nothing but happy and positive thoughts of their future.

This is what the boat looked like the next morning....BRRRRRR

This is what the boat looked like the next        morning….BRRRRRR

That was the BEST NEW YEAR’S EVE EVER! I’m sure many of you have had some similar special evenings on your boats.  Please share your stories with us. And if you haven’t yet subscribed to FUN HAPPENS! – please do.

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