TENDER TUESDAYS- Prairie Girl Series #18

TENDER TUESDAYS- Prairie Girl Series #18


Not only did they join the yacht club, but also through questionable circumstances, husband was voted in (by acclamation) at the Yacht Club’s annual meeting! You’re shaking your head at this point, knowing that he probably has the smallest yacht in the club and sails less than anyone else. To affirm your suspicions, just review the Prairie Girl Post #15WILL THEY EVER SAIL AGAIN?

In the early fall, husband was called by the Past Commodore to ask whether he would consider letting his name stand for the Yacht Club’s Executive Team. Husband, now retired 9 months, didn’t have his work excuse to fall back on, now did he? So he cautiously suggested that he’d be fine with taking over the Treasurer’s position- if it was available. Unfortunately, Treasurer wasn’t the position of which the Nomination Committee had him targeted. No, he was asked to let his name stand for Vice Commodore. Prairie Girl overheard the conversation (wide-eyed and gaping open-mouthed in disbelief) as husband inquired what the role entailed. He was told that it simply meant keeping track of the membership. Of course, Mr. Spreadsheet thought that didn’t sound too onerous… he could do that. And, to Prairie Girl’s amazement, he agreed to let his name stand.

Well, didn’t Prairie Girl come home with some fascinating intelligence the next morning, after walking with her Yacht Club girlfriends? Hmmm…. Apparently the role of Vice Commodore is a THREE YEAR COMMITMENT. 2018VICE COMMODORE, 2019 – COMMODORE and 2020- PAST COMMODORE. Husband was as shocked as Prairie Girl! (Obviously, still oblivious and naive about the yacht club’s organization.) And then they both just laughed it off, predicting that the chances of being voted into that position of the executive would be slim, so… no worries. And neither of them gave it another thought as they embarked on a trip to the Middle East and actually missed attending the Yacht Club’s Annual Meeting altogether where the 2018 executive was voted in.

Imagine husband’s shock, while catching up on emails in the Dubai airport, when he discovered a request for the new Vice Commodore to prepare to thank the Past Commodore at the Commodore’s Ball 3 days later. Obviously, something had gone terribly wrong.

Naturally, the 2018 executive were introduced at the Commodore’s Ball. Husband, (post- intros), continued to try negotiating a trade of positions with the Treasurer. No chance of that happening! It was a DONE DEAL!

Remember when husband retired a year ago and Prairie Girl envisioned all this free time together to play and live carefree without any demands on their time? Husband had been a super conscientious manager and was constantly tied to his computer and phone. Wherever they went he had to be ‘plugged in’- even driving to the grocery store, anchoring out on the TwoCan or traveling to exotic destinations. Prairie Girl daydreamed the possibilities when husband reached FREEDOM 69…

Well, give your head a shake, Prairie Girl! Husband spends more time in front of his screen now than he did pre-retirement. Certainly, it isn’t all VICE COMMODORE’S duties, but it’s incredible how much time this voluntary position does eat up. So, what is a Prairie Girl to do?

She finds herself attempting to lure him away from his office. After all, there is their first grandson’s arrival and he must become acquainted with his Opa and Omie through making regular trips to the mainland. There are plenty of BOAT SHOWS and MARINE STORE sales where Prairie Girl’s book, WHO’S the CAPTAIN? should be promoted. And what of all those renovation projects lined up requiring the skills of husband. And most importantly, fun, social opportunities with family, friends and clubs to schedule! Whatever happened to dreams of playing bridge as a couple? Of course more local Island explorations and world travel trips require planning time. And they must start mapping out their summer cruises aboard the TwoCan. They’re expecting to start in May and sail right through to the Regatta in mid- September! But mostly, she just continues to make plans, drop hints, and entice him away (as often as possible) from his very important VICE COMMODORE’S duties at his desk.

Bad Prairie GirlBad, Bad Prairie Girl!

Husband is actually quite proud to be associated with our Yacht Club and involved with the executive. It is a privilege. If you have been chosen (or coerced-ha!) to let your name stand for your Yacht Club’s executive, leave  a message telling us about your experience.  And always, TENDER TUESDAYS readers, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT.  It makes Prairie Girl’s day to receive your feedback. Thanks for taking the time to have a read and hopefully enjoy a chuckle.



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  1. Now I know how Ryan got the job very funny write up. I also think this outgoing man will do a phenomenal job while keeping everybody entertained.

  2. Does not the Commodore command the fleet from the largest boat in the fleet, his Flagship large heavy Battle Cruiser, like the Graf Spee?

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