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TENDER TUESDAYS-Prairie Girl Series #10

TENDER TUESDAYS-Prairie Girl Series #10

Happy Anniversary Prairie Girl

                   We’ve Bought a New Boat!

For those of you who have been following the Prairie Girl posts on Tender Tuesdays, you’ll recall the post, “WE BOUGHT an OLD TUB! … REALLY?… REALLY!” I won’t mention which Yachting magazine is publishing it on their last page of the January Issue… but some of you will figure it out, I’m sure… The reason I mention it, other than the fact that I’m proud to have it published, is because Prairie Girl and husband sold their OLD TUB (after completely refurbishing it and enjoying several memorable seasons with it). Hence, the title of this post“HAPPY ANNIVERSAY PRAIRIE GIRLWE’VE BOUGHT A NEW BOAT!”        newsailboat

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