New Mantra: TNT

New Mantra: TNT

I devote time daily to read Kristen Lamb’s blog (Kristen She is a writer who dedicates her energy teaching others how to improve their craft.  This author’s writing tips grab your attention. One of her recent blogs was about “TNT”.  What is this, you ask?  It’s basic, but oh so succinct- “TODAY, NOT TOMORROW”.  This caught my attention, while awaiting the proof of my third book of the Middle Grade Frenchie Series.  It shook me out of that pleasurable reverie of thinking I was almost finished and deserved a break.  Not so! Authors continue to grow and develop their skills by writing daily. And with a new book, it is time to prepare for its launch-contacting reviewers, setting up book events, updating my website (, publishing testimonials, and booking my favorite activity of all – school and library presentations.

Thank you Kirsten Lamb for focusing me, once again. Summer break is over and this author is ready to live the mantra- TNT!

Below is the new cover design for Frenchie Diva- Follow the Blog. Knowing that I made changes to the Frenchie Series’ cover, I’d love to have your feedback.  Do you think it has more appeal to the TWEEN readership (9-13 year olds)?  Please leave a comment, I value your input. I’d especially like to hear from Middle Grade readers, authors,parents teachers, and librarians. As well, if you are interested in reviewing Frenchie Diva, please leave your email address in the Comment section.  Thanks for your support!


Is that Frenchie puppy adorable or what?  Wait till you read the novel!

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  1. When you came to my School Ok Falls Elementary I was really interested in the presentation you gave us and how much you connected to your stories by: Showing us the video off Ashleigh and her dog Pudsey and how much they connected with eachother and how well they worked together, that was a really great way to connect to your stories The frenchies series, also the T shirts that you own with the frenchie faces and also the prize, a frenchie T-shirt. My opininion for the presentation was that when you talked about the anal glands it was really gross but also caught everyones attention. Even though it was a gross subject everyone was quiet, listening, and interested. Thank you for coming to our school, and sharing your books with us, because i know that a lot of us are enjoying them and are ready another one.

    • Thanks Jessica for your post about my Raise a Reader visit. It is affirming for me to know that Gr. 6/7’s can identify with my 13 year old Ethan character as a tween. You know what it is like to want something so badly, that you’d do anything to make it happen- even express the anal glands of a pug! I know that part is a little gross, but hopefully it was somewhat humourous, too- especially for your teacher who has 3 pugs of her own. Will you read all three novels? I think you’ll really relate to Ethan’s teenage angst in Frenchie Diva. Keep reading Jessica!

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