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Okanagan TWEENS are readers. The  THE CHILDREN’S PARADE at PEACH FEST  this summer highlighted the array of wonderful, rich stories and novels that Canadian authors have currently published. This picture of TWEENS sharing my 3 Frenchie novels in the KIDS PARADE, made me realize that there are so many Middle Grade readers (ages 9-13) who don’t even know that these titles are available in paperback or ebook format. Red Tuque Books distribute the paperbacks of the three novels in the series in Canada. Just click on:

Amazon Stores/Book Links

You only have to click on the country you live and you will have access to Kindle formats or paperback of Frenchie Diva (Book #3) If you want Book #1 Read the rest

Amazing Characters @Penticton Authors and Artists Faire

Amazing Characters @Penticton Authors and Artists Faire

Penticton Author Artist Faire Poster-23

The trek to the PENTICTON AUTHORS and ARTISTS FAIRE started by taking a 6:30 am ferry from Nanaimo across to Horseshoe Bay.  Of course this was supposed to give us a head start on the drive to the Okanagan. NOT!  As expected, there was nothing but gridlock in the lower mainland. A couple of collisions had occurred. Surprise?  NOT!  Just the usual, when you live in Vancouver!  It always reinforces our decision to move to the ISLAND! Husband Ryan had gone out to purchase chains, certain we would end up in a snow storm. Thankfully, they weren’t needed! We drove in summer road conditions, except for the colder temperature. Island life is quite a bit milder … Are you getting … Read the rest




OKANAGAN FALLS  hosted a RAISE A READER visit on Friday, Nov. 22nd. This was the first class to be introduced to  the recently published novel, FRENCHIE DIVA- FOLLOW the BLOG. The students were entertained by some of Ethan’s (the 13 year old main character) blog entries to FBF (Frenchie’s Best Friend). Stories were shared explaining what inspired the Frenchie series, as well as a YouTube video that encouraged the writing of FRENCHIE DIVA. The students shared how they personally related to Ethan and his Frenchie, friend, school and family drama, as well as his teen-age angst. Everyone understood why blogs are written and what essential ingredients are crucial to writing a powerful blog. It was a … Read the rest



14549732_Frenchie Diva Cover JPG( 4341595 ) copyFrenchie Diva- Follow the Blog

             BOOK #3 of the Frenchie Series

                                     by  Mary L. Laudien

Will Sissy become the next canine celebrity sensation?Ethan and Grandma Sis are counting on it! In fact, Sis (the 72 year old CHER look-alike) is convinced she’ll be discovered.

Ethan’s tumultuous teenage world with its Frenchie drama continues to entertain (and alarm) his FBF followers. LOL 

TwoCanDo Books (

      ISBN 978-1-4905652-9-3         $8.99

Pre-Order your paperback copy from Red Tuque Books

Order online at:

Phone: 778-476-5651

I’m so excited to be able to start advertising my 3rd book of the Frenchie Series (FBF blog)! The paperback is about to be shipped and the kindle, e-book formats will not be far behind. I wanted you to Read the rest

5 Reasons NOT to Read Frenchie’s Best Friend

5 Reasons NOT to Read Frenchie’s Best Friend

Don’t even consider reading Frenchie’s Best Friend- Follow the Blog this summer, if:

1.  you aren’t “gaga” about  dogs (especially French Bulldogs).

2.  you dislike reading for fun and humorous entertainment.

3. you’re a perfect teen that never does anything wrong or devious.

4. you can’t relate to a “Frenchie crazy” 13 year old boy from a single parent home with an interfering and quirky Grandma living nearby.

5.  you’ve never wanted anything so badly that you’d do ANYTHING to make it happen!

Of course on the off- chance that this doesn’t apply to you and you’d actually like to read Frenchie’s Best Friend, there are several ways to get your hands on the print copy or eBook.  The … Read the rest

Bookworld Ad for Frenchie Series

Bookworld Ad for Frenchie Series

If  you are traveling on B.C. ferries or visiting your favorite bookstore, make sure you check out Red Tuque Books‘ full page ad on page 7 of the free B.C. Bookworld publication.  You can order the first two books of the Frenchie series from Enjoy the fun summer reading by ordering your books today!


Frenchie X2: Follow The Blog
Mary L. Laudien
Two adorable Frenchie puppies had Ethan and his mother at first lick. Well, at least they had Ethan. A must read for anyone who has ever brought home a brand new puppy. The chaos and fun just couldn’t end with Frenchie’s Best Friend, so don’t miss X2!
TwoCanDo Books
ISBN-978-1-4664809-9-5 $9.99… Read the rest